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Android 16 

Another android created by Dr. Gero. he is rather quiet and caring for others. he did not show his strength until 17 was attacked by Cell and was very close to getting absorbed. he showed clearly that he was the strongest android of all, but Android 17 was absorbed by Cell even with 16's effort. he was killed by Cell and that caused Gohan to go Super Saiya-jin 2. Android 16 has a strong love for nature.

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Android 17 

Android 17 is a twin brother of Android 18 created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. he is heartless one of them all, and is also self-absorbed and overly confident because he believed he was the strongest of all. but he discovered it wasn't true, when he saw Android 16 fighting against Cell to protect 17. however he was absorbed but was alive again when Krillin granted the wish to the dragon.

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Android 18  

She is the only female android made by Dr. Gero and she is a twin sister of android 17. although she was once a enemy, she became good and married Krillin and had a daughter called Marron. she loves money and shopping for clothes.

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She is the one who started everything. she discovered Goku living in the wood all alone and took him with her to find 7 Dragon balls. she is a genius who can build anything which is very handy. her dad, Dr. Briefs owns the world's richest company Capsule Corp. which eventually becomes Bulma's. in the start DB, she fell for Yamcha but they broke up eventually in DBZ and never got back together because she was with Vegeta and got pregnant with Trunks. Bulma made many inventions that was useful such as Dragon Rader, a device that located where Dragon balls are. 

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It is also known as Majin Buu and was created by Bibi-di. it can reform itself very quickly when damaged. it has ability to absorb his opponent and gain more power. it eventually gets defeated after transforming its form several times. however, fat Buu survives and becomes one of the good guys. 

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Ultimate Android created by Dr. Gero. it has characteristics of all the warriors. it is also know as Android 21. he was finished off by the computer because it took too long to be created for Dr. Gero to take care of it. his goal was to absorb Android 17 and 18 to be his perfect form, which he does succeed. but he was defeated by Gohan. It can reform itself with just a 1 cell.    

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Chi Chi  

Daughter of Ox-king and wife of Goku. she is a very protective mother of her son Gohan, although Goten wasn't raised as strict as Gohan. she didn't want Gohan to be a fighter like Goku but to study and get a decent job. she is very protective of her 2 sons especially Gohan and Goku as well sometimes. she does have some fighting abilities but not comparable to any Z fighters.   

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Frieza took over the Planet Vegeta and killed King Vegeta and many other Saiya-jins.  

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Son of Chi Chi and Goku, which makes him half Saiya-jin and half human. he didn't train in his early age, because of Chi Chi's wish for him to grow as normal human being. she always made him study and he was pretty weak. but he was still Saiya-jin, and he had a hidden power inside of him that showed only when he was in danger or angry. Piccolo took him without his parents' permission and trained him for a year before Vegeta and Nappa came to earth. he was very strong fighter with no doubt, surpassing his father Goku in Cell saga as a pre-teen. however Gohan carried on with his studies and becomes  a scholar.  

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 His real name is Kakarot. he is Saiya-jin and was sent to the earth as a baby to destroy the planet, but forgotten about it because  he banged his as a baby. and he has been protecting the earth ever since. he doesn't find out he is Saiya-jin until in DBZ where his brother Radditz comes to "visit" him. As a child, he was raised by Grandpa Gohan (who he named his son after) in the lonesome wood. Bulma found him and took him as her bodyguard. Goku is the main character of  all DB series and has fought against all major evil characters that appeared in DBZ and defeated nearly all of them. he is married to Chi Chi and had sons named Gohan and Goten.     

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Son of Goku and Chi Chi and Gohan's younger brother. Goten is also best friends with Trunks. he really looks up to his brother but doesn't get to know his father very well until later because he was born after Goku died. he looks almost identical to Goku's childhood face when he was little. he is the youngest person to go Super Saiya-jin (as far as I know) and was incredibly strong for his age just like Trunks. he fuses with Trunks to become Gotenk to fight Buu. 

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King Cold

Frieza's father.


Krillin made his first appearance in DB as Goku's rival, but they became best friends at the end. they both trained under Master Roshi.  he plays the "funny guy" role, cracking jokes whether it's funny or not. he is all-around nice guy and has a nice personality, but always trying to get a girl. he is one of the strongest human fighter and appears in all DB series. he is a Buddhist monk and shaved his head until Buu saga. he gets hooked up with Android 18 and they later have a girl named Marron.   

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Master Roshi  

His formal name is Kame Sen'nin and he is creator of Kamehameha and no. 1 pervert. he trained Goku and Krillin and live with his turtle friend Tortoise.

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Chibi Trunks

Trunks of the present timeline. he is a mischief boy of Bulma and Vegeta and Goten's best friend. he is fun-loving and very different from Mirai Trunks even thought they are same person. they were brought up in completely different background. Mirai Trunks' world were full of violence and tragedy, quite different from Chibi Trunks world where world is pretty peaceful (until Majin Buu). also Chibi Trunks actually got to know his father Vegeta more than Mirai Trunks because he was always around. Being a son of Capsule Corp. president (and future president), he was living in wealthy family which made him bit spoilt in a way ^_^;;. He is very strong as a child, being able to transform to Super Saiya-jin in such a young age and winning Tenkaichi Budoukai kids tournament by beating his best friend Goten.    

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Mirai Trunks 

Trunks of future timeline. his life was full of tragedy, as it was full of violence by Androids. he never knew his father Vegeta since he was always training to fight with Androids and died. he comes to the present time with Bulma's time machine to prevent his future from happening in the present time (are you with me so far?). he is shy (blushes a lot *^^*) but strong fighter with no doubt.

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Piccolo used to be evil character in DB, and fought against Goku. but he became good in DBZ and decided to help Goku out. he is the first person to actually train Gohan to be a fighter for the fight they had against Vegeta and Nappa. Piccolo is from Planet Namek and as you can tell, his name is after an instrument. 

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Usually called Tien. He has three eyes and he trained under Tsuru-Sen'nin (??) who in rival of Master Roshi. 

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Vegeta is the prince of the planet Vegeta, which has been destroyed by Freeza. he made his first apperance in DBZ Saiya-jin saga and became of of the important character ever since. he is rival of Goku to be the strongest although he doesn't fully reach his goal. he is emotionally unstable character who is stubborn, selfish, heartless and bad-tempered. Never less he does have his soft spot and show his love to his family although it isn't done until Buu saga. he has a son named Trunks with Bulma and later, also a daughter called Bra.  

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 Yajirobe is a coward guy you rarely see in a fight actually fighting. he lives with Korin in his tower and carries a sword he uses in rare occasions. he loves to eat for his spare time, which he have plenty.     


He is one of the first guy who we get introduced in DBZ as a desert bandit. he is best friends with Puar and use to go out with Bulma in her teenage years and the beginning of DBZ. he didn't fight a lot in DBZ and didn't fight at all after Android saga.   

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