I've Always Wondered...

Useless thoughts that go no where.

-How come Gohan's tail is the only one that actually grew back? Vegeta said his tail will grow back, yet it never did.

-Speaking of tails, if Saiya-jins have growing tails, would they cut them regularly to keep them discreet (you know, like shaving)? Is it there once-in-a-while bathroom routine?

-Why do people write in fanfic that Bulma cook? Does she ever cook in the show (does she? I really don't know)? If she does, why does she? She's the richest woman in the world, so doesn't she have a cook? Mr. Satan have a cook and Bulma's richer than Mr. Satan.

-If Mirai Trunks changed the history in the present timeline, wouldn't future be changed as well (I got this idea from the movie 'Frequency')? Shouldn't all the guys who were killed in the future timeline before, come back? I mean, they exist in the present, shouldn't they exist in the future? Maybe not, Maybe... But Trunks told Goku not to tell Bulma and Vegeta about him being their son (when he first appeared as a 'mystery guy'), because he might not exist in the future if they knew. So that proves the existance in each timeline does affect each other! Now I'm just confusing myself, I know. It just occured to me.

-During the last fight against Buu (where Goku was collecting as much ki from everyone on Earth), wouldn't it be enough to get just their friends? They were collecting as much as they can from each person, so Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Tien, Krillin, 18... that pretty much sums up the strongest people in the universe!! If they had given all they had, don't ya reckon that was more than enough for them to blow Buu up into nothing??

-Where do Z fighters get their clothes? Fight after fight, they must get destroyed. But fight after fight, they wear the same clothes. Is there a shop that makes Goku's gi? Does Goku and Krillin have the skill for sewing machine we never knew about?

Trunks: Gay?

-Why is Trunks the only one in the entire DB series to not have a love life? Is he gay? Goten has a girlfriend, how come Trunks have none? Does his purple mane repel woman rather than attract? Or isn't he interested at something else??

-Wouldn't Mystic Gohan be the strongest being in the universe? Isn't he stronger than Goku at this point (in his SSJ3)? And since Goku can't even fight for long in SSJ3 form, wouldn't you have to say Mystic Gohan in superior compared to SSJ3 (and maybe everyone except Vegito)?

-Why would Gohan wear glasses? He's a Saiya-jin!!

-Why is it that almost every single one of Gohan's hairstyle was previously owned by Yamcha? Is Gohan Yamcha's No. 1 fan? Does this mean Gohan's eventually going to get a ponytail?

-Why is it that Gotenks looks like Vegeta? Does this mean that if Goku's offspring and Vegeta's offspring have a son together (and let's not get any ideas), is he is going to look like Vegeta??

-Does the moon have ability to 'grow back'? The moon has been destroyed at least 2 times. Once in DB by Master Roshi and once in DBZ by Piccolo.

-How come no one blames Goku? Sure, he saved the world couple of times, but he made some costly decisions not finishing his villians off (most costly one was Dr. Gero). I mean, he's only a main character, right??


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