My best DBZ moments.

Vegeta blows up Nappa with his Ki (Saiya-jin Saga)- Evil Vegeta at his best. Nappa asked his comrade for help after getting his ass kicked by Goku. Vegeta offered his hand, and decievingly threw Nappa (who is about twice his size) into the air and powered up. He just let go of his ki and Nappa went straight to hell *Evil Vegeta grin*.

Vegeta blows up Cui (Saiya-jin Saga) - This is the time Vegeta literally blowed up Cui (his 'rival') in one blow in Namek. It was after Vegeta's return from Earth and because he was cured from near-death, he was much stronger than Cui thought he was. And after he blowed up Cui in the air, he commented: "Hmm, firework."

Vegeta's self destruction (Buu Saga) - This shows DBZ isn't a kid cartoon. C'mon, your average stuff don't show a guy who blows himself up to defeat a fat pink marshmellow-looking villain! This really was the first time Vegeta did something for others, not his pride, and the way he hugged Trunks? Just great. The way he said good-bye to Bulma, Trunks? In-your-face to those who think Vegeta doesn't love his family! He killed himself for them!! Why didn't Buu just die here, I don't know. It would have been a great ending. But then again, Vegeta wouldn't have been able to be revived and Vegeta dead and gone forever isn't exactly the best way to wrap up the whole thing. He IS the best character and all... ^^ besides, he practically beat Buu, because he is the one who came up with that master plan! HA!

Introducing the... fusion dance!!! (Buu Saga) - Man. Goku and Piccolo doing the fusion dance for the kids... priceless! I mean, their faces... haha!! Really, Piccolo's face was the funniest. And afterwards, he told Goku, "Goku, you said you wanted to try this with Vegeta... even if Vegeta was alive, I don't think he would do it." All Goku said was, "What do you mean?"

Goku tells Gohan to ask Bulma to let Kaioshin touch her so Kaioshin shows them his 'incredible power that can save the universe' (Buu Saga) SEE THE MANGA HERE - Goku sure learned a lot from Master Roshi during DB days; he knows that all old men are perverts! Goku got an unfavorable reaction from Gohan after suggesting to his son that Gohan should let Kaioshin touch Videl ("your girlfriend"). He asked Kaioshin if it matters if the girl's a bit old, and he said as long as she is sexy, it doesn't matter to him. Goku decided that Bulma was perfect for the job and told Gohan to ask her. Gohan's face was the real laugh. Goku kept saying, 'All we have to do is let him feel her butt and boobs and the universe is saved!' and Gohan repled, 'The universe will live but I'll be killed by Bulma!'

Mystic Gohan comes to the rescue! (Buu Saga) - Although he couldn't finish off Buu, there is just something about Mystic Gohan! He wasn't old 'geeky Gohan', he wa much... hotter! It was really the last time Gohan played a major part in a battle, and really, show his natural fighting ability. You know, it was kinda deep as well for Gohan, showing his mentor Piccolo how much he improved from those wuss days. I'll never forget the face on Piccolo, Goten and Trunks when they see him kick ass. Too bad he was absorbed and died when the planet blew up.

Vegeta flaring up at Goku... for offering pictures of Bulma to Kaioshin! (Buu Saga) - This was so funny! When Kaioshin started to preach Goku and Vegeta (and others there) about dragonball's possible side effects, Goku offered him a "hot pictures of a girl... and the film." Goku added that she's not that young now but still very sexy. Vegeta, listened on, wondering if she is who he think she is. Kaioshin asked Goku, "isn't she dead like the rest of Earth?" Goku replies, 'that's why we need dragoballs to revive her!' Vegeta glared and asked, 'Kakarot, does this woman happen to be Bulma?' And when Goku gives his speechless look, the Saiya-jin prince flareed up at Goku for disrespecting his wife. He also adds if Goku wants those pictures he should just take pictures of Chi Chi instead. Goku replied that she's too old (isn't she younger than Bulma?? o_0) and she would kill him (damn right). Talk about being the strongest in the universe!!

People popcorn? What is Goku on? (Buu Saga) - This was suggested by one of the visitors *thanks the visitor with a smile*. After Goku and Vegeta escaped out of Buu's body with unconscious Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo, Goku commented "Look Vegeta! It's people popcorn!". Vegeta replied, "What is he on?" We all asked the same question.


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