Call me crazy, but lately I have noticed some similarities between our purple haired wonder and a charming man in black, Tuxedo Mask!Tuxedo Mask: Man of Roses

Trunks: Man of Sword They look a like: Believe it or not, they do look a like. just look at them! their nose, mouth, hairstyle (except the color), they are both tall...etc. 

Their role: They both have mysterious role in their own anime. Trunks, a mysterious guy from the future and Tuxedo Mask, a mysterious chick magnet dressed in black tuxedo. and they both are "people saver" as Trunks makes his debut by slicing Frieza and King Cold and Tuxedo Mask, saving Sailor troops.


     Are you ready to see the truth? well you asked for it!

Bring it on baby!

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