True Identities

Bulma... Sailor Moon?

Trunks... Leonardo DiCaprio?

Goku and Vegeta... 'Pinky and the Brain'?

Trunks...Tuxedo Mask of 'Sailor Moon'?

Bulma... Shampoo from 'Ranma 1/2'?

Goku... Ranma?

Krillin... a bowling ball?

Krillin... a Dragon ball?

It's Krillin! No.. It's a Dragon Ball!

Krillin (again)...  a disco ball? 

Krillin on the dance floor!

Krillin... Mini Me from 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'?

Trunks... James from 'Pokemon'? *From Liz visit her site!*

Frieza... Mewtwo? *From Liz visit her site!*

Frieza... Boy George? *From Liz visit her site!*

Vegeta... Eddie Munter? *From Liz visit her site!*

Vegeta... Lance from 'Pokemon'?

Trunks... Jim Hopkins from Disney's 'Treasure Island'?


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