Top Tens

Why DBZ is the best one out of DB trilogy

  1. It has the coolest flashiest attacks 

  2. Coolest baddies we love and hate

  3. Has Trunks in it *^_^* (hehe..)

  4. Trunks actually have a decent clothing compared to DBGT

  5. Characters are not so old (ie Videl, who looks horribly old with the hair-do in GT)

  6. Super Saiya-jin!

  7. Has Vegeta in it ^^

  8. Fusion dance       

  9. Cute teenage Gohan kicked some serious ass!

  10. Would you rather pick DBGT then?? NO!!!

10 Reasons why DBGT suck

"Ahh!" yelled GT Trunks, as he gazed into his reflection.

  1. Trunks cross-dresses (sad truth...)

  2. Trunks' hair color changed (and it wasn't that pretty)

  3. Vegeta and Krillin grew a mustach (what is up with that?!?)

  4. Goku turned into a kid. Isn't this guy in his 50s-60s? Poor Chi Chi. Can't people just let her have her husband for once??

  5. The ending sucked - The Sons and Briefs lost contact? What a sad thing to say.

  6. Gohan's so weak! He's a Mystic Gohan! He use to be the strongest being!!

  7. Trunks and Goten becomes weak compared to other fighters :(

  8. It wasn't created by Akira Toriyama

  9. Did I mention Trunks looked BAD??

  10. Vegeta's dumb haircut (this is especially stupid because in DBZ - the best anime ever - Vegeta said that pure Sayajins are born with a certain hair style that stays with them FOREVER and can not be altered!!!!)

10 Reasons why Mirai Trunks is hot

  1. Just look at him!!

  2. His sweet personality

  3. His mysterious past

  4. He is an awesome fighter

  5. His body is so fine!

  6. He seems so shy and way he blush is so adorable!

  7. His name (hehe.. I just had to say it!)

  8. His hair (I just HAD to say this one as well.. come on, it's not THAT bad)

  9. His cool sword (sick-minded people, I know what you're laughing at right now!)

  10. He is Vegeta and Bulma's son


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