Things We Learn

-Short guys get the best girls.

-It IS possible to look identical your mom or dad.

-All old guys are perverts. If you want something from them, just bribe them with your underwear (if you're girl) or if you're a guy bribe them with a slutty pictures of your friend.

-Pink shirt and yellow pants *shudder* are in style.

-Just because you are strongest kid in the universe, doesn't mean you are the coolest kid at school.

-Don't mess with female - even when you are the strongest person in the universe.

-Don't look at the full moon if you have a tail.

-Just because you had lots of girls in your prime (being a baseballl player and a fighter helps), doesn't mean you're going to get married. In fact, you might end up living with your cat while your ex enjoys rich (richest in the world, perhaps) life with her husband and kids.

-Don't cheat on rich, pretty girls. Chances are, they're going to get over you and marry a prince who is much stronger than you (and maybe this prince is the reason you were killed the last time you were in a battle).

-It is possible to fly if you know how to control your ki.


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