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-Goku: Alright, Vegeta, you won. Wanna go play Scrabble?" 

-Goku: I don't feel like eating today, I'm trying to cut back.

-Goku: ::Looks in a mirrior:: AHHH!! IT'S TURLES!!!!! 

-Goku: I lost a food eating contest....

-Goku: I'm sorry Gohan, we're all out of senzus. Maybe a nice tomato will help.

-Goku: What is it Lassie? Gohan's stuck in the mines?

-Goku: KaioMehameha! No, that's not it...

-Goku: I don't know WHO Son Gokou is, but my name is Kakarotto! I mean.... 

-Goku:I dont remember how to spell my name... Goku? Nah.. I think it is Gokuh... Maybe Gokoo?

-Goku: Face your fears! *Vegeta looks down at the bug crawling across his foot* 

-Goku: Soon as I find that Kakarotto I'm going to kill him! 

-Goku:I feel like chicken tonight!

-Goku: Oh, it's easy. See, X=Y2+897(23 to the third power).

-Goku: I love needles!

-Goku: Good thing I die from heart disease; now I won't have to fight the androids!

-Goku: Food? What's that? 

-Goku: How many times do I have to tell you, Vegeta? My name is Kakarotto, not Goku!

-Goku: Man, I just can't win this one! I GIVE UP!

-Goku: Time out, Freeza, I have to go to the toilet.

-Goku: I was thinking.

-Goku: I don't feel like saving the world right now, cause I'm in the middle of a video game. 

-Goku: WAH! Chi-Chi, help! Vegeta hit me!

-Goku: Let Earth defend itself!

-Goku: Chi-Chi,I`ve thought about this and you`re right! Studying IS more important than saving the Earth

-Goku: Kill them! Kill them all!!

-Goku: *transform to Super Saiya-jin* Whoa, dude! you do go blonde when you turn to SSJ. Cool man!!

-Goku: I'm sick of training.

-Goku: I don't care if the world ends today, I don't give a *&#%!

-Goku: Gohan, you are pretty weak for a son of the strongest in the universe.

-Goku: Hey Bulma! do you need help with your new invention?

-Goku: Geeze Gohan! it's not that hard to be Super Saiya-jin!!

-Goku: You are too strong! I give up. you can destroy the planet now. 

-Goku: *Kneeling down at Vegeta* Your highness, I've just destroyed the Earth. 

-Goku: *Daydreaming* Mmm... threesome with Chi Chi and Bulma... 

-Goku: I'm sick of transforming into Super Saiya-jin!  

-Goku: I'm going to collect all Dragon Balls and wish for immortality... *Crazy maniac voice* I'LL SOON RULE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!! 

-Goku: Chi Chi, maybe we should... spice things up a little. 

-Goku: Bulma,  you are such a retard! It's not THAT hard to make a time machine!

-Goku: *Looks at baby Gohan* Awww!! Gohan went weewee!


-Gohan: Piccolo is a disgrace to the Nameks everywhere.

-Gohan: Hi uncle Radditz!

-Gohan: Gotta find 'em all, dragonballs!!!

-Gohan: Even though you crushed Android 16's head, I still think you rock, Cell! We still buddies?

-Gohan: You have any cigarette?

-Gohan: Want some pot?

-Gohan: Hey, you got that stuff? Yeah of course I have the money. 

-Gohan: Dad, you suck, I hate you!

-Gohan: Damn you mum! I don't want to study so just leave me alone!

-Gohan: Kiss my @$$!

-Gohan: Piccolo, you suck!!

-Gohan: Dad, can you help me with my math homework?

-Gohan: My Dad is so weak, I had to finish off Cell for him.

-Gohan: I wish my dad was cooler... more like Vegeta.


-Trunks: Whoa, I look like Leonardo DiCaprio!

-Trunks: Thank god I don't have my dad's hair!!

-Trunks: I'm getting sick of purple hair, I don't think it goes with my skin tone.

-Trunks: I think my Super Saiya-jin blonde really goes with my skin tone.

-Trunks: You wanna piece of my sword eh?

-Trunks: I'm going to the mall to pick some chicks!

-Trunks: I'm sick of guys hitting on me just because I have purple hair and think automatically I'm gay!

-Trunks: Hey, you look a bit tense. why don't I soften you up a little...

-Trunks: Want to do our "biology homework" in my bedroom? My parents are out. 

-Trunks: I don't want to fusion with you, Goten. We look like my dad when we fuse!

-Trunks: *to Dr. Briefs* Grandpa, I'm so thankful that you gave me purple hair. I was worried that I might get mom's turquois...

-Trunks: Hey, all the chicks dig me! 

-Trunks: Watch me shake my sword! *licks his lips* Yeah I'm talking to you nasty minded people!  

-Trunks: *Singing* Bodies packed, front to back, move your ass, I like that. TIGHT HIP HUGGERS,LOW FOR SHO! Shake a little somthin' on the floor I need that UH to get me off, sweatin till my cloths come off.  


-Vegeta: Doing Big Bang Attack and Galick-Ho's is getting old. Maybe I should try the Kamehameha.

-Vegeta: Why don't we have a picnic? We can talk about all kinds of things. Like peace, love, and happiness!

-Vegeta: I am Batman!

-Vegeta: He rides with his mask and with his blade he carries a Z. Zorro Zorro Zorro!

-Vegeta: *crying* Why did Jack have to die? Now Rose is all alone... 

-Vegeta: *singng* Oops I did it again! I played with your heart... I'm not that innocent!!

-Vegeta: *singing* I'm a.. slave! 4 U! I can't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it...  

-Vegeta: I have done it! I have defeated Kakarot! I will always triumph in...PAC MAN!

-Vegeta: *Vegeta making up a birthday list* I want the Barbie dream house, and a pretty pink dress...

-Vegeta: I'm such a loser so I might as well quit!

-Vegeta: Oh sure, I may act macho, but *sob* deep down, I'm really sensitive, and I'm hurting...

-Vegeta: Look Bulma a kitten! It's so cute can I keep it? PLEASE!!!

-Vegeta: Bulma, my balloon flew away! Wah!!

-Vegeta: Trunks, we need to spend some time together. We're going fishing next weekend!

-Vegeta: I'm sorry. It was all my fault. That was stupid of me to do in the first place.

-Vegeta: AHEM! I SAID BIG BANG ATTACK! Why isn't it working? Stupid thing must be broken.

-Vegeta: I'm sure we can talk out our differences. Fighting doesn't solve a thing.

-Vegeta: TIME TO DIE BUU! What? You hate Kakarotto too? Okay, let's team up and kill him.

-Vegeta: Bulma, I figure if I'm gonna keep blowing up the gravity room, it'd be quite rude of me not to help build it again.

-Vegeta: I love you, you love me, we are happy family...

-Vegeta: I think pink shirt really brings out my eyes.

-Vegeta: I love you guys.

-Vegeta: 'Sup my bro, Kakarot!

-Vegeta: Goku.


-Vegeta: We need to work as a team! No one is superior here.

-Vegeta: Kakarot, I'm not actually a Prince of all Saiya-jins. You are.

-Vegeta: Bulma, I'm leaving you... for Piccolo.


-Goten: I wish I don't have that stupid brother of mine.

-Goten: I hate you Trunks, and I refuse to do fusion with you.

-Goten: Eeeek! girls are yucky!!

-Goten: Gee, Gohan. it wasn't THAT hard being a Super Saiya-jin. You really wasted your time in that Room of Spirit and Time!

-Goten: *in a girlie voice* My... butt... lookss big!


-Krillin: What is this AWFUL smell?!? 

-Krillin: Just face it Goku. And you, too, Vegeta. I have better hair than you two!!

-Krillin: Hey! Let go of my nose!

-Krillin: Uh . . . this may sound dumb, but why don't we check the phone book. Maybe Dr. Gero's lab will be listed.

-Krillin: I need a nose job.

-Krillin: Yo girl, you're lookin' damn fine! oh, wait a sec.. *turns to another girl*hey baby! wanna go for a ride?

-Krillin: Do I have too much gel in my hair? I don't really think so.

-Krillin: Can I use your comb? it's a fashion emergency.

-Krillin: 18, you are not hot enough for me anymore. I need a real woman.


-Piccolo: Vegeta and Bulma get together??? HEEHEE!!! Can I go to the wedding???

-Piccolo:  For Halloween, I'm going to dress up as myself.

-Piccolo: Shut up, I'm watching Oprah.

-Piccolo: WAZZUP!!!


-Piccolo: Gohan, you are my hero! *girlie giggle*

-Piccolo: Eeek, blood!

-Piccolo: You guys know I'm named after a violin, right? *insane laughter from the kitchen* Damn it!


-Bulma: Now Now, Vegeta. That splinter is deep. I'll go defeat Cell for you.

-Bulma: I love my hair and I'd never dare change it.

-Bulma: I never noticed how attractive Piccolo is. *SIGH*

-Bulma: To hell with technology! I wanna join the Z Team, guys! KIENZAN!

-Bulma: Vegeta? Can you teach me how to fight???

-Bulma: *Hands Chibi Trunks to Future Trunks* Go play with yourself.

-Bulma: Vegeta, pink is totally your color!!

-Bulma: I'm broke.

-Bulma: How do you turn on this damn computer?

-Bulma: Goku, can you help me with this time machine? I really need your help!

-Bulma: mmm~ Goku you are so good! Oh, Vegeta! 

-Bulma: Vegeta, you don't satisfy me anymore. I'm leaving you... for Goku. 

-Bulma: I hate being the richest girl in the  world.



-Chi Chi: Grant me eternal life so I may rule all the world!

-Chi Chi: Goku, I love you for who you are, and you're perfect

-Chi Chi: Goku, how about you work out with me instead?

-Chi Chi: Goku, why don't you cook your own meal for once instead of making me cook it!

-Chi Chi: Goku, you ROCK my world!

-Chi Chi: Gohan, you need to get out more. stop studying and go out and have some fresh air.

-Chi Chi: Why don't we order a pizza or something?

-Chi Chi: Stop reading, go and train with your father, Gohan.

-Chi Chi: Why do I have such a loser, geeky son?

-Chi Chi: Oooo the house smells like booboo!


-Master Roshi: Bulma! I don't want to see your panties! That's just disgusting!

-Master Roshi: Girl's are old. Time for a change!



-Yamcha: Trunks, I am your father.


-Android 16: Kill all animals, burn all trees! fresh air makes me sick.                                                                    

-Android 17: No, 16. I won't let you destroy this beautiful planet. you'll have to go through me first.

-Android 18: You don't need money for happiness. all we need is each other *Hugs Krillin*

-Majin Buu: I hate sweets. they make me fat.

-Frieza: Goku you can woop me! ALL NIGHT LONG!

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