Take My Hat Off To...

LayoutLand.net - Always handy when I need some guide.

Oujou! The Royal Castle! - Fantastic site.

Ginga GIRI GIRI - One of the funniest site I've ever seen. Too bad it's gone now.

Planet Namek - Now it's gone, but one of those sites that really stood out.

Pojo's Dragonball Web - Very comprehensive and reliable site that always has the answer!

Temple 'O Trunks - One of my all-time fav website.


Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT (I wish!!!) and they belong to Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, TOEI blah, blah, the point is they are under copyright of their respected owners and I have nothing to do with it and I am just crazed fan making website about it. I know no one's going to read this, but just so you know.

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