Rants 'n Raves

Me blabbering on about the show. BEAWARE GT FANS! Some GT bashing including coupling of GT fanfics.

Trunks/Pan Pairing - Sorry guys, but I honestly? Trunks and Pan? Trunks is nearly 30 and Pan is in her pre-teen!! I don't really care about this age difference, but it's the generation difference. Pan is Gohan's daughter; Goten's brother. Goten is Pan's uncle, and if Trunks does things with Pan that fanfic suggests, well... that means, he's doing it with his BEST FRIEND'S NIECE!!! That does sound kinda gross to me. And besides, Trunks is mine!! *Evil Vegeta smirk*.

How can Chi Chi STAND this? - Chi Chi is one understanding wife. I know she yells a lot and all that, but c'mon. I don't know how anyone could just stand to let her husband run wild. In DBZ, Goku is killed by Raditz. God, can't she just send her husband and her son for a nice day off with friends without being told the next day that her husband's dead and she won't see her son for a year!?? No wonder she wants Gohan to study and be a geek. Because that is the only way she will make sure he doesn't zoom off all the time. And Cell saga? Sorry Chi Chi! Your husband is dead, again. But that was noble. I can't understand how they have 2 son. And after Buu saga, Goku spent much of his time running wild and living his usual crazy life. But GT took it too far!!! Goku was getting old, so they turned him into a kid. Poor Chi Chi! Can't they just give this girl her husband once and for all?

It's not always so bad, I guess. Goku did take that time out during the Cell game training to spend time with her... ish. And he DID leave 2 sons so they must have spend SOME time together. But honestly, Chi Chi is one understanding lady!

How come Pan or Bra never go Super Saiya-jin?! - Yes. This is a GT dissing. Pan is 14 in GT, yet she can't go Super Saiya-jin. Is it because she is less of Saiya-jin than others? It's just so sexist! She IS a Saiya-jin, and she DID train and all. So if She can't even turn Super Saiya-jin, why bother making her as one of the main characters in GT then? Fill Goten in her place and let's see some Goten in the show!!

I know Bra doesn't train, but shouldn't she have a little bit of daddy in her?? At least make her throw few punches and don't dress her in that ridiculus red dress! She's half-Saiya-jin and it's only fair for her to go Super Saiya-jin easily (like Trunks and Goten).

HONESTLY! Vegeta loves his family!!! - Many people seem to think Vegeta don't really give a damn about other but himself. That's not true and you know it! If he didn't love Bulma, he wouldn't have stayed at Capsule Corp. He could have easily taken off with one of her space ships. If he didn't love his family, he wouldn't blow himself up just to defeat Buu. He gave Trunks a hug, saying he's proud of him, blah blah. He wouldn't have told him to look after his mother, Bulma.

Even before Buu saga, the signs were there. When Mirai Trunks was killed by Cell, he went ballistic over it. He tried to get his revenge but was unsuccessful.

During Buu saga, of course, the signs became clear. He trained his son, which he wouldn't have done if he didn't care.

DBZ is in Japan??? - You know, in fanfics, many writers chose to write the DBZ story set in Japan. But I always wondered, is DBZ (the story) actually set in Japan? I mean, isn't it suppose to be an alternative imaginary world? Bulma's NOT Japanese, is she? I actually don't know, so I'm wondering. I just thought it was weird to assume that she lives in... TOKYO??!


Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT (I wish!!!) and they belong to Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, TOEI blah, blah, the point is they are under copyright of their respected owners and I have nothing to do with it and I am just crazed fan making website about it. I know no one's going to read this, but just so you know.

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