Pick-up Lines

Get Goku

"You wanna find out if I have any Dragon balls, baby?"    

"So what else change when you transforms to Super Saiya-jin?" 

"You know... I am a really good cook. and I can show you just what I mean at my place."

"Do you want to train with me?"

"Show me your Dragon balls!"

"Let's spar! "

"Find my Dragon balls! You know you want to..."  

"Let me rock your dragon, baby!"

"I can show the ultimate strength..."

Get Mirai Trunks

"Is your hair purple anywhere else?"

"Let me see your sword baby!"

"Show me how YOU use your sword!"

"Let me see your sexy trunks!"

"Show me why your name is Trunks you sexy thing!"

"You're from the future, right? tell me about our future..."

"Color purple just turns me on!" 

"I LOVE to have a purple hair!"

"Weren't you in that movie Romeo and Juliet? and Titanic?" 

"Wow, I was born with purple hair too!" 

"Oh my gosh! my mom has lime-colored hair as well!"

Get GT Trunks

"Hey, you wanna play dress-up?"

"Why don't I stop by your office?"

"Hey, where are you flying off to?"

"Can I join you behind the clouds?"

Get Vegeta

"Isn't that clothes too tight? here, let me help you with it..."

"So you want to surpass Goku? show me what you can do."

"You are so much better than Goku!"

Get Gohan

"I love guys with brain."

"So wanna study at my place?"

"Can you teach me how to fly??"

"So what have you been learning in Biology lately?"

"Do you need an example of what human body looks like?"

Get GT Goten

"You wanna have some "fun" with the phone?"

Get Tien

"Do you have any other extra part of your body somewhere else?"

"What is the advantage of having 3 eyes?"

Get Piccolo

"Green is my absolute favorite color!" 

"Do you have any other antenna?" 

Get Krillin

"Bald head just turns me on!"

"Short guys just are the cutest!"

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