I love them, but I have to admit, there were some pretty bad moments... thank god there were good moments to compensate that!!

  • The Bad

  • The Good

The Bad

Bulma's Afro

Blue afro? I don't think so

Let's face it. It didn't look good. It was just too big!! Can't believe this was when her and Vegeta got together. Vegeta must have real thing for big hair!!

Gohan's mullet

You can smile now... but when you look back you won't.

Someone's gotta give this boy a hair-cut!!

Gohan's bowl cut

"My mommy gave me a bowl cut..."

I guess this isn't really Gohan's fault. It was Chi Chi's. Oh well, it looked kinda cute once it grew a bit... Who knew this dorky-looking kid would grow up to defeat Cell, let alone Mystic Gohan!!

Vegeta's GT look

Is this stupid or what? Vegeta certainly seem to agree!

I'm not even going to go on about how stupid this is. Oh, what the heck. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. VEGETA IS A FULL-BLOODED SAIYA-JIN, HE CAN'T CHANGE HIS HAIR! He is born with his hair and can not ever be changed. This is just stupid.


The Good

Saiya-jin's Spikes - Okay, we're only really talking about Goku and Vegeta. It's a little wacky, but c'mon, who doesn't like their hair??

Super Saiyajin Spikes

Super Saiya-jin spikes: Instant chick magnet

Even Gohan's hair looked good in Super Saiya-jin mode. Simply trend-setting.

Teen Gohan's short crop

"Finally I have the hair I want to keep!!" So true, Gohan. So true.

Gohan must be the most hair-style changing Saiya-jin ever. Well, he FINALLY got it right!! Who would never guess that he use to have a mullet and a bowl cut while growing up?

Bulma's Namek look

"Hey, I'm cute!!"

I just thought it looked cute! She had the hair cut so she can wear the space suit! LOL! She looked pretty pissed off when she saw Krillin dressed up all casual (with his 'Krillin' baseball cap of course) and Gohan looking like a dork in a suit (and did I mention the bowl cut?)!

Bulma's Buu saga look

The hair certainly says it all: "I'm a rich, savvy scientist!" Or maybe it's that glare.

This is really cool! Very savvy-looking hair cut. Probably my personal fav for Bulma.

Mirai Trunks' long sexy mane

Mmmmm... sexy....

I didn't really like this at first, but I must admit, it does look pretty hot. What do you think??


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