Fact File

-Planet Vegeta was actually called planet Plant before Saiya-jins came to the planet.

-Bulma changed her hairstyle 15 times throughout DB to DBZ, not including the one in the beginning. She must have been busy!

-Master Roshi's famous attack (he invented it) Kamehameha is named after the Hawaiian king Kamehameha.

-Pure Saiya-jins have black hair and their spikes will stay with them forever.

-No one knows how Bulma and Vegeta got together. The way Mirai Trunks said was that it was a passion thing. So many people think that they never got married. BUT THEY DID! In Buu saga, they refer to each other as 'husband' and 'wife'. Honest!!

-Saiya-jins have long youth. This is because they need to be young physically to be able to fight all their life.


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