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DBZ isn't only for guys, baby. Us chicks love every episodes with larger-than-life fight scenes, cool scenario and original characters in the world of Dragon Ball. We dig DB RPG and flashy trading cards that fits in our little handbag. okay, maybe some of us are only interested in hotties with muscle in this anime, and don't even know what dragon Balls are. but just so you know, girls can like DBZ too, okay? 


30th December 2003 - I've updated various stuff such as links and humor, but I'm still using the html thing in my server so it's taking long... I'll hopefully have some stuff coming so be patient and keep on coming guys!

27th December 2003 - Hey! This site isn't dead yet! seriously! I just have lotsa technical probs and is using the damn Tripod File Manager to update FINALLY! I've got so much to do for this site, it will be so much easier if my computer liked me :P Hope you all had nice Xmas :)

14th January 2002 - Hey! sorry I didn't updat for such a long time. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had this wonderful person (please report so I can credit you :)) who sent me so many they'll never says! pretty much all the new quotes are from that mystery person (??? - please email me with your name/alias/nickname) so let us thank him/her!!! :)

27th December 2001 - Hi, did you all have nice Christmas? I hope so! well have a nice holidays while it lasts!!

16th December 2001 - Hey, new layout!! it's 9 days before the Christmas :) some things are not uploaded fully from the last layout, but don't worry coz I'll do it, eventually.  

23rd Nov 2001 - I know, I know... I haven't updated for nearly a month. I had school stuff (o_0) and kind of busy. but I'm still here and I'll try to do something with the site. something...

27th Oct 2001- Don't mind me playing around with layouts and things :)

14th Oct 2001 - Few changes around the site but nothing really big ^_^.

5th Oct 2001 - More and more manga pics!

3rd Oct 2001 - Black 'n white (manga pics) is open! I'll get some more pics soon, so just enjoy what I've got so far for now.

1st Oct 2001- My site is still incomplete, in a way, but some updates are made through out the site. new images are added etc. check it out!

28th Sept 2001 - Many part of my site is incomplete, and I am trying my best to finish them off. please be patient. meanwhile, just enjoy what is already up. thanks ^^

*I would like to say I'm deeply sorry for what happened recently in America, and like to send prayers to all those who's lives has been changed forever by that act of evil. God bless you all.*

Disclaimer: I do not own DB/Z/GT (I wish!!!) and they belong to Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, TOEI blah, blah, the point is they are under copyright of their respected owners and I have nothing to do with it and I am just crazed fan making website about it. I know no one's going to read this, but just so you know.

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