Blue means: Good; Red means: Evil; Green means: Evil turned Good

Scroll down to find the character you need info on. they are in the order below. WARNING there are some major spoilers here!

Android 16 

Another android created by Dr. Gero. he is rather quiet and caring for others. He did not show his strength until 17 was attacked by Cell and was very close to getting absorbed. he showed clearly that he was the strongest android of all, but Android 17 was absorbed by Cell even with 16's effort. He was killed by Cell (He stood on his head o_0) and that caused Gohan to go Super Saiya-jin 2. Android 16 has a strong love for nature.

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Android 17 

Android 17 is a twin brother of Android 18 created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. He is heartless one of them all, and is also self-absorbed and overly confident because he believed he was the strongest of all. But he discovered it wasn't true, when he saw Android 16 fighting against Cell to protect 17. However he was absorbed but was alive again when Krillin granted the wish to the dragon.

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Android 18  

She is the only female android made by Dr. Gero. She is a twin sister of Android 17. She and her brother are only little modification of humans, not Androids made-from-scratch. Although she was once a enemy (and a very deadly one - remember Vegeta's broken arm!), she married Krillin later and becomes one of good guys. She loves money and shopping for clothes.

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Bulma is the one who started everything. She discovered Goku living in the wood all alone and took him with her to find 7 Dragon balls. Goku had a Dragon ball, which he believed was his grandpa's spirit, and Bulma decided to take him on her journey as a bodyguard.

She can be easily mistaken for an airhead due to her looks, but she is a genius who can build anything, making her one of the most important character in DB series. She's the one who built the Dragon Rader (and only one who can) when she was 16, start of Dragon Ball. Her dad, Dr. Briefs owns the world's richest company Capsule Corp, making her the richest girl in the world. She always carried around very handy gadget

In DB series (especially DB), she is portrayed as a loud, out-going girl who is not afraid to flaunt her looks, brain and money.,

Bulma probably have the most interesting love life in DBZ. She had the tendancy to go 'gaga' over many good-looking guys (mostly villans) in DB/Z. In the start DB, she fell for Yamcha (the days when he use to be scared of women o_0) and carried a on-and-off relationship with him to the early DBZ. But they broke up eventually in DBZ due to Yamcha's flirtations with other women. They never got back together again because she then fell for the Saiya-jin Prince, Vegeta. She had their son, Trunks in the beginning of Android Saga and they got married somewhere in the series. Their get-to-gether is a mystery and a popular subject for many romance fanfic writers out there (including moi!).

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Buu is also known as Majin Buu and was created by Bibi-di. it can reform itself very quickly when damaged. Buu has ability to absorb his opponent and gain more power. it eventually gets defeated after transforming its form several times. However, fat Buu survives and becomes one of the good guys (Mr. Buu).

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Ultimate Android created by Dr. Gero. it has characteristics of all the warriors. It is also know as Android 21. He was finished off by the computer because it took too long to be created for Dr. Gero to take care of it. His goal was to absorb Android 17 and 18 to be his perfect form, which he does succeed. But he was defeated by Gohan. It can reform itself with just one cell.    

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Chi Chi  

Daughter of Ox-king and wife of Goku. Goku had made a promise that he will marry her in the beginning of DB (even though he didn't know what it was) and Chi Chi made him keep his promise. She entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai in DB, just to fight with Goku and remind him of their childhood promise They got married, and had two sons in DBZ.

She is a very protective mother, although Goten wasn't raised as strict as Gohan. She didn't want Gohan to be a fighter like Goku but to study and get a decent job. She is always worrying about her family's financial problems (well, someone has to!!) and tried her best to take care of her boys.

Chi Chi does have some fighting abilities but not comparable to any Z fighters. However she can control the the strongest man in the universe like no one else, with the help of her frying pan ^^*  

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Frieza took over the Planet Vegeta and killed King Vegeta and many other Saiya-jins.  

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Son of Chi Chi and Goku, which makes him half Saiya-jin and half human. He didn't train in his early age, because of Chi Chi's wish for him to grow as normal human being. She always made him study and he was pretty weak. But he was still Saiya-jin, and he had a hidden power inside of him that showed only when he was in danger or angry.

Piccolo took him without his parents' permission and trained him for a year before Vegeta and Nappa came to earth. He surprised Piccolo with the greatness of his power when driven by his emotions and desperation during their training. But Gohan was too scared to fight when the real fight came. Who can blame him? He was just a kid!

Gohan surpassed his father Goku (and everyone else) in Cell saga as a pre-teen - he was the first person who reached Super Saiya-jin 2. However Gohan did not train after the fight and concentrated merely on his studies, and gave time for Vegeta and Goku to surpass him.

Gohan attended Orange Star High and met Videl (his future wife; Mr. Satan's daughter). He started crime-fighting business as a 'golden-haired warrior' (Super Saiya-jin) and Super Saiyaman (dorky outfit invented by Bulma to hide his identity). During his time as a Super Saiyaman, he showed off his laughable Great Saiyaman poses.

He became a Mystic Gohan in Buu Saga, after Kaioshin's mystical power-up. This brought out Gohan's all of inner strength and enabled him to be powerfull without having to transform to Super Saiya-jin form. His weak feelings from the childhood had gone and he was a complete fighter, as a Mystic Gohan. He kicked Buu's ass, leaving Piccolo, Goten and Trunks amazed. However he was absorbed after Buu successfully absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. And that was the last time Gohan fans saw him kick some ass.

After Buu saga, Gohan became a scholar like Chi Chi hoped. He married Videl and had a daughter called Pan.

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His real name is Kakarot. As a child, he was raised by Grandpa Gohan (who he named his son after) in the lonesome wood. Bulma found him and took him as her bodyguard. She was the first femalehe saw and because his grandpa told him to be nice to female, he followed her in her adventure.

He is Saiya-jin and was sent to the earth as a baby to destroy the planet, but he banged his as a baby and his mission was erased (and probably scraped few IQ numbers.. ^^*). He doesn't find out about his heritage until in DBZ where his brother Radditz comes to "visit" him. He is killed by his brother in this saga but was revived for the fight with Nappa and Vegeta.

He was the first person to go Super Saiya-jin. He went Super Saiya-jin when Frieza killed his friend Krillin. He defeated Frieza but did not kill him (making Mirai Trunks finish him off instead later in Trunks saga).

Goku is killed again by Cell (sacrificed his life to transport Cell to another place). But asked his family not to revive him, because he believed his existance on Earth was bringing all the danger (how considerate ^^).

He came back for a day during the Tenkaichi Budoukai during Majin Buu saga. And for a day visit, he did LOTS of things. He fought Babidi's soldiers in his ship; fought Majin Vegeta after he destroyed the half of the stadium; taught fusion dance to Trunks and Goten; showed off his transformation to SSJ 3... what a life he leads!!

Goku is revived again when Kaioshin gives him his life. Mystic Gohan was in trouble and Kaioshin told him to fuse with him using the earrings. However Gohan was absorbed, leaving Goku desperate. As he was about to give the earring to Mr. Satan (*shudders* imagine Goku and Mr. Satan... fused), he felt Vegeta's ki.

After some persuasive talking, Goku and Vegeta fused to become Vegito. But due to Vegito's tactical brilliance, he got absorbed on purpose to save his sons and Piccolo. In Buu's stomach, Goku and Vegeta seperated (THANK GODNESS!) unexpectedly, as the fusion was intended to be permanent.

From there on, Goku fights as SSJ3, but didn't have enough energy to do much. Vegeta comes up with a plan, and with some help from the original Fat Buu and Mr. Satan (non-fighting help), they defeated Buu and the rest was all history!

Goku loves to eat like all the Saiya-jins. However unlike the rest of them, he is symopathetic and pure-hearted and let his enemies go, hoping they change (Piccolo and Vegeta are the prime examples).Although he is a brilliant fighter, he is naive and neither smart nor tactical (like Piccolo or Vegeta). He married Chi Chi and had sons named Gohan and Goten.     

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Son of Goku and Chi Chi and Gohan's younger brother. Goten is also best friends with Trunks. He really looks up to his brother but doesn't get to know his father very well until he comes back in Buu saga. He looks almost identical to Goku's childhood face when he was little. 

They also have similar personality, both relaxed and well... not greatly smart. Although Goten seem to develop more common sense than Goku, growing up like a normal kid. Like Goku, he also loves to eat.

He is the youngest person to go Super Saiya-jin (as far as I know) and was incredibly strong for his age just like Trunks. He fuses with Trunks to become Gotenk to fight Buu.

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King Cold

Frieza's father. He gets sliced up by Mirai Trunks, just like his son and his soldiers.


Krillin made his first appearance in DB as Goku's rival, but they became best friends at the end. They both trained under Master Roshi. He is probably the strongest human being in the series.

He plays the "funny guy" role in DBZ, cracking jokes whether it's funny or not. He is all-around nice guy and has a nice personality and was always trying to get a girl.

He was a Buddhist monk and shaved his head until Buu saga (when 18 convinced him to grow his hair ^^). He married Android 18 and they have a daughter called Marron.

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Master Roshi  

His formal name is Kame Sen'nin and he is creator of Kamehameha. He is also very perverted and a long-time reader of Playboy magazine. He approaches most of the female characters in the series in a perverted way.

Nevertheless, he is a very respected figure (among the fighters in DB) and he trained Goku and Krillin. He live with his turtle friend Tortoise.

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Chibi Trunks

Chibi Trunks

Trunks of the present timeline. He is son of Bulma and Vegeta and first appears as a baby in Android Saga.

He is very different from Mirai Trunks even thought they are the same person, due to their background. Unlike Mirai Trunks, Chibi Trunks experienced no tragedy in his life (apart from Vegeta's death, but he was revived so that doesn't count!). Also Chibi Trunks actually got to know his father Vegeta lot more than Mirai Trunks because he was always around. He even train with him all the time in the Gravity Chamber and lived in a friendly term with his father. He is also very proud of his father and his Saiya-jin heritage.

He is very strong as a child, being able to transform to Super Saiya-jin at 8. He won the Tenkaichi Budoukai kids tournament by beating his best friend Goten.    

Being a son of Capsule Corp. president (Bulma was a heiress, so I'm guessing she did inherited it sometime in DBZ) made him bit spoilt ^_^;;. He have all the toys he want and is not afraid to flaunt them. He is very much like Bulma and Vegeta. He is bit over-the-head with his ego, just like Vegeta (and Bulma ^^*). I'm assuming he's pretty smart also, since he is Bulma's son (well, he's a lot smarter than Goten).

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Mirai Trunks 

Trunks of future timeline. He appears as a mysterious youth who came out of no where and defeated Frieza's crew effortlessly. Even more surprising then, was the fact he was a Super Saiya-jin (of course, this made Vegeta even more angry that there is another one). Trunks did not reveal his identity to the others and only spoke to Goku about it privately. He gave Goku his medicine for the heart diseases he was to die from, and told him he was a son of Bulma and Vegeta (which sent Goku falling anime-style ^^).

He had come to the present time with Bulma's time machine to prevent his future from happening. His future was filled with violence and tragedy, caused by the deadly androids.

Mirai Trunks is very different from Chibi Trunks from the present timeline. His life was full of tragedy as he had to witness Gohan (his mentor in that timeline)'s death (which caused him to go Super Saiya-jin).

Also, he never knew his father Vegeta since he was always training to fight with Androids and was killed.

Growing up in an unstable environment of his time, he is not as out-going nor cocky as Chibi Trunks appear to be. He is shy (blushes a lot *^^*) and caring (he is seen playing with squirrels o_0).

During his time in the present timeline, fighting Cell, Trunks constantly tried to be accepted by his father. Vegeta, being a stubborn guy he is, showed no sign of love for his son. Trunks always tried to make a good impression on Vegeta and kept trying even when Vegeta pushed him away. He was accepted by him, although Vegeta hated to admit it.

Trunks was killed by Cell durin the Cell game, but was revived by Dragon balls (they are handy, aren't they?). He then returned to his timeline and defeated Android 17 and 18, and also Cell easily and restored peace.

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Piccolo used to be Goku's enemy in DB, but he became one of the good guys in DBZ. He is the first person to actually train Gohan to be a fighter for the fight they had against Vegeta and Nappa. He is Gohan's most admired fighter and Gohan shows this by wearing the same attire as Piccolo in fights. Piccolo is from Planet Namek and as you can tell (he's green) and he is named after an instrument (as you can tell). 

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Usually called Tien. He has three eyes and he trained under Tsuru-Sen'nin (??) who is rival of Master Roshi. He beat Goku in Tenkaichi Budoukai during DB to win it. He was a prominent member of Z gang, but disappears almost completely after Cell saga.

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Vegeta is the prince of the planet Vegeta, destroyed by Freeza. He made his first apperance in DBZ Saiya-jin saga as a ruthless villain and became of of the important character ever since.

Vegeta is famous for his long-time obsession to surpass Goku. As an elite Saiya-jin, he can not accept the fact that Kakarot, a low rank Saiya-jin is always one step ahead of him.

On his first visit to Earth, he was a feared character who appeared to be invincible. He had killed (well, Nappa and those other little gross-looking figures - I forgot their name) everyone in Z gang except Krillin and Gohan (this is before Goku's arrival). After Goku defeated his henchman Nappa, Vegeta kills him, saying he doesn't need a Saiya-jin who can't fight. Talk about ruthless, eh?

Vegeta is eventually defeated by the gang, although he did leave everyone in pretty bad shape. Just as Krillin was about to kill him with Yajirobe's sword, Goku asked him not to kill him. And that must have been the smartest thing Goku did in the entire series ^^

Vegeta, like Krillin, Gohan and Bulma (not to mention Frieza), was in Namek for the Dragon balls. He too, like Frieza wanted immortality to break from Frieza's control and rule the universe. However after being tricked by the Z gang, his wish is never fulfilled. Vegeta is killed by Frieza later but is revived (in a way, accidently) and transported to Earth.

On Earth, he accepted Bulma's invitation to live in Capsule Corp. He trained day and night, trying to be a Super Saiya-jin. He was angry that Goku was a Super Saiya-jin, not him. And to make the matters worse, the mysterious youth (who he didn't know then was his son-to-be) was also a Super Saiya-jin. After going to space to find Goku, Vegeta finally returned as a Super Saiya-jin.

Being cocky as he is, he acted as though he was invincible as a Super Saiya-jin. He did kick some butt, but also damaged his pride when he was deafeated by Android 18. Much of Cell saga goes with Vegeta being the arrogant bastard he is, as he is the one who wanted Cell to go to his perfect form. After Cell saga, he remained in Capsule Corp and trained day and night in the Gravity Room.

In Buu saga, Vegeta became Majin Vegeta after Babidi possessed him due to the anger and resentment filled in Vegeta. He destroyed half of the Tenkaichi Budouki stadium (which made Bulma faint) and fought Goku. But the fight never came to an end. They decided to stop when they felt Buu's power because it was their fault that Buu is revived. However Vegeta was never a good sport and Goku was always naive; Vegeta knocked him out and went to kill Buu by himself.

After getting some help from his son, Vegeta regained his conscious from the fight. He told Trunks to look after his mother and hugged him *tears*. Then, he knocks Trunks and Goten out. He self-destructed himself as he said, 'Goodbye, Bulma, Trunks... and you too, Kakarot.'

Unfortunately, Buu was able to revive himself (damn that fat bastard!), but didn't matter, because Vegeta was sent to Earth again after Gotenks, Piccolo and Gohan were absorbed. Then he and Goku formed Vegito - the strongest fighter in the entire series.

Although the fusion was suppose to be permanent, they seperated after they were purposely absorbed by Buu to save their friends (fortunately for all the fans and their wives too). The Earth was destroyed, and in Kaioshin, Vegeta watched on as Goku fought as SSJ3 (he lost rock, paper and scissors). This was when Vegeta finally realised why Goku was always one step ahead. And he accepted it, too.

But SSJ3 needed too much energy for Goku, and he wasn't able to close the fight. So Vegeta came up with a plan to defeat Buu and well, they did it.

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Yajirobe is a coward guy you rarely see in a fight actually fighting. He lives with Korin in his tower and carries a sword he uses in rare occasions. He loves to eat for his spare time, which he have plenty.     


He is one of the first guy who we get introduced in DBZ as a desert bandit. In the beginning of DB, he use to be scared of woman because he was so shy around them. He is best friends with Puar and use to go out with Bulma in her teenage years and the beginning of DBZ. However they broke up due to Yamcha's flings with other woman. He briefly persued a baseball career, although it wasn't a successful one. He didn't fight a lot in DBZ and didn't fight at all after Cell saga.   


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