Character Shrines

The Black Cat on Dr. Brief's Shoulder - Very interesting site about a mysterious black cat always on Dr. Brief's shoulder.

Bulma! - Site dedicated to blue-haired genius.

Bulma.NL - Bulma shrine worth a click! In Dutch and English.

Bulma Vegeta Galaxy - Love the couple? Visit this site!

Bulma-VegetaLove.NL - Site dedicated to my favorite couple (in Dutch and English)!

Buu VS Cell: Let the battle begin!! - Interesting site discussing the battle between 2 baddies in DBZ.

The Chestnut Tree - Site for our favorite bald guy Krillin.

Chi Chi - Dedicated to loving mom and a wife, Chi Chi. 

The DBZ House - For all you romantics out there.

DBZ Moms - Site dedicated to kick-ass moms in DBZ. 

Dragonball Angels - Great looking Goten shrine.

Dreamland - Site dedicated to Vegeta and Bulma.  

Elysian Anime: Bulma - Very nice Bulma shrine that has everything it should have.

Family Photos - Adorable site dedicated to cute couple of Krillin and Android 18. 

Femme Fatale - Coolest Android 18 site I've ever seen! 

Future Foretold - Site dedicated to Mirai Trunks. Very cool layout.

Gohan's Innocence - For all Gohan lovers!!

The Goku and Bulma Page - Yup. This site is dedicated to coupling that never was - Goku and Bulma.

Goku and Chi Chi: An Eternal Love - Dedicated to the lovable couple.

Golden Son - Excellent Gohan shrine. Very comprehensive and neat layout.

Goten's Playhouse - Cute site dedicated to Goten.

Juunanagou's Pride - Everything you can ask for regarding the artificial cutie, android 17.

My Vegeta - For all your Vegeta-needs. 

Oujou! The Royal Castle! - Great shrine dedicated to Vegeta's family. Definitely worth visiting for their variety of contents.

Prince Charming - Site for one and only charming prince Vegeta!

Saiyan Brat's Lair - Site dedicated to the next generation of brats in DBZ.

Super Saiyan World! - Cool layout, great contents. Definitely worth looking in!

Temple O' Trunks - Must-go for all Trunks lovers. Or even if you just want some good DBZ laugh!

Vegma - Your #1 source to all your Vegeta and Bulma needs.

Vegeta & Bulma: La Strana Coppia - Italian site dedicated to the couple. Many pics and clips here, it's worth a look whether you're Italian or not!

Vegeta and Bulma's Sanctuary - One of those must-go sites for all V/B lovers. Seriously recommended.

Vegeta's Big Bang -  Really cool site dedicated to bad-ass prince Vegeta.

Vegeta's Domain - Must-go site for all Vegeta lovers out there.

The Vegeta Dynasty - A site with a great layout. Definitely worth visiting.

The Vegetable Bin - You'll find heaps of Vegeta related links here. 

Vegeta Insane - Wackiest, funniest Vegeta shrine around. you gotta go here.


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