Black and White Scans

ut your cursor over the pics for more info. Here are some pics from manga (and other stuff) I've scanned. Please don't take them, I've scanned them from my manga!!

Manga Scans

Volume 18

Pretty much sums up the whole Vegeta fight in Saiya-jin saga!   Gohan the F1 driver!

Volume 21

Bulma drinking beer while hanging around in her undies on her way to Namek o_0    Gohan and Krillin training; Bulma bored out of her mind   EEEEK!! Saiya-jin!!!   Mrs Briefs flirting (she was acutally asking Goku out on a friendly date!!) with Goku   Goku looks... overwhelemed

Volume 36

Capsule Corp our dream home!   Teenage Gohan looking damn strong   Go Gohan! Go Gohan!   Bulma with her Buu saga look   Teenage Gohan in Capsule Corp   Bulma standing casually talking to Gohan   Look everyone run!    Bulma in tears at seeing Goku again   Father and son pair doesn't look so thrilled at Goku!

Volume 49

"I'm really strong! We can defeat Buu together," the little Trunks said   Vegeta giving his son a hug before his self-destruction. I love this pic!!   Trunks looking up to his father *sob*

Volume 50

Goten wanted a hug from Goku... ooh..    Oohh, poor Goten    How sweet!   Bye Goku!

Volume 51

Piccolo doesn't look so good... This was when he saw Gotenks go SSJ3   SSJ3 Gotenks go and kick some ass!!    Goku and Gohan in their father-son moment    "Good luck Gohan!"

Volume 52

Goku and Bulma. This is my fav pic. This was on the inside cover of the last volume. Very appropriate, don't ya think??   Coming back   Goodbye!    Guess who's here?    YEAH they're baaack!   Welcome hug    Notice something, Videl? I love Goku and Goten in the background! So sweet!    Eeek!  "Serious, Bulma! I swear, it wasn't me who put those pictures of yours on the net !!" (This is NOT what happened here, I was just kidding)   Buu sticking his tongue out...    Goku and the dragon   The meeting that started everything

Coloring Book

Goku powering up! (DBZ Coloring Book - I know, it's sad of me..)   Yep, he sure can't hide from her

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